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Ways To Prevent Storm and Wind Damage.

Ways To Prevent Storm and Wind Damage.

As you know, the roof is your home’s first line of defense against natural disasters such as storms and winds. When these terrible elements come through, it can be devastating to have damage done to the house.

Luckily, there are many things that one can do to protect their roofs from this kind of damages. These methods will help keep both homes and people safe for years down the road. Why not start with them today?

Use non-corrosive roof coatings.

Coating the roof with water and weather-resistant material will help prevent any damage that these natural disasters could cause. This roof coating is made with an acrylic polymer, which gives it a long life span of up to 20 years.

This process is something you can do independently, but it also requires professional attention for best results! It’s well worth the time and money.

Roof coating to avoid corrosion
roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roof

Ensure your roof is in good condition

The roof is a crucial part of any home. However, it may not be very easy to keep on top of roof maintenance. That’s because various things can go wrong with the roof over time. For example, leaks and tears in shingles or other parts could cause damage. 

It’s essential to make sure your roof is in good condition before a storm or other natural disaster. If you need a roofing company in Rapid City, make contact with Teamwork Exteriors today.

Cut down trees and remove branches from around the house

It’s important to keep trees and branches away from your roof for safety reasons. If a storm hits, you don’t want the tree or branch to damage it.

This is especially true if there are already leaks on the roof from previous storms. Not only will this cause more problems with water getting into the house, but it also increases the chances of the destruction of the roof. 

Install metal flashing around your roof’s edge

It’s essential to not only install metal flashing around your roof but also on any vents, chimneys, or other openings as well for protection from water and wind damage.

Not only will these keep out water that would otherwise seep into the roof, but they also will protect against the roof being blown away by high winds.

Make sure all gutters are clean and free of debris

Another good tip for roof protection is making sure all gutters are clean and free of debris. Some people may not realize that one tiny piece of roofing shingle can clog up the gutter, causing water to run over the roof instead of into a pipe for drainage purposes.

All this does is increase the chances that the wind will blow off the roofing shingle. Not to mention that this water can also cause roof leaks and damage.

Install storm shutters on windows

It’s vital to have storm shutters on Windows for protection against harsh weather conditions. This is even more important if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, wind, and storms.

These shutters offer protection for the roof by keeping it from getting blown off or any windows broken due to high winds.

Install solar panels

For those who don’t know, solar panels can be an excellent way to protect your roof. They are a long-term investment that can also help with financial savings on monthly utility bills.

Solar panel installation is a good idea for people who live in an area with bad weather conditions. It is better than installing a new roof.

Consider installing wind turbines to generate power for your home

One of the best ways to protect your roof is by installing wind turbines. This means that when a storm comes through, you’ll have power for lights and other devices to stay safe while remaining inside. Wind turbines also have the added benefit of being a natural roofing solution.

Inspect your chimney annually for any cracks or leaks

If you live in an area where it rains a lot, there’s no doubt that your roof has been through its fair share of storms. With so much exposure to the elements and extreme weather conditions year-round, it can be difficult for any homeowner to monitor on their own whether they need repairs.

Fortunately, though, with Teamwork Exteriors around, this is never a problem! They specialize in inspecting roofs annually for cracks or leaks from rain and hail damage as well. It means if you see anything amiss at all, then make contact right away.

Contact a roofing company in rapid city today

Teamwork Exteriors has been repairing and installing roofs in Rapid City for over ten years. We specialize in roof repair, storm damage repairs, installation of new roofs, and tile or metal roofing replacement services.

If you’re looking to prevent storm and wind damage from causing your home’s leaky ceiling to turn into a major water-damaged disaster before it gets too bad and causes costly repairs down the road, call today. Our team is standing by, ready to help with any type of residential or commercial property need that may arise.

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